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Stool Softening

Take a stool softener twice a day; after breakfast and after supper. One rounded teaspoon, or one packet, in one half (1/2) glass of water or fruit juice. It will mix best in a shaker or blender. Mix and drink it quickly because it becomes thick and hard to swallow. Follow each dose with a full glass of water. Make sure you drink a total of eight (8) glasses of water every day. (If you are on a weight reduction diet, or wish to curb your appetite, then the stool softener may be taken between 15 and 30 minutes before meals).

The following stool softeners may be used:

  • Konsyl®: this is tasteless, sugarless and mixes easily. It will not change the flavor of any juice in which it is mixed. It is useful for diabetics.
  • Hydrocil® Instant: like Konsyl®, contains no sugar and is useful for diabetics.
  • Metamucil®: is sweetened but doesn't fizz.
  • Citrucel®: is lightly flavored. The sugar-free kind is useful for diabetics.

There are many other non-stimulant stool softeners and your pharmacist will be happy to suggest others to you. It should be one that is mixed with water and not in the pill form. No prescriptions are needed for these.

All these stool softeners are food substances and not medicines or purgatives. They can be taken for constipation, whenever necessary, for the rest of your life. You cannot become dependent upon them or develop a tolerance to them. Do not take any stimulant laxative.

If you can't tolerate a mixed stool softener or if the mixed stool softener is not effective, then you may substitute Milkinol®, 1 tablespoon mid-morning and mid-evening.

If you absolutely must take a pill, then Fibercon® is suggested. Follow the instructions on the package. It might work better if you continue taking Milkinol® with this.

Be warned that this diet may make you feel bloated and gassy for four (4) to six (6) weeks or until your system becomes accustomed to the additional amount of fiber. Do not stop the diet because of gas or bloating unless they are accompanied by cramping. In this case, please call the office for advice.

Stools should be soft but formed. Both diarrhea and constipation should be avoided. Should you have more than two (2) bowel movements a day, reduce the stool softener dose to once a day. This may be either in the morning or the evening, whatever works best for you.

Do not let yourself go more than three (3) days without a bowel movement. If you miss two (2) days and do not have a bowel movement on the morning of the third day, then take an enema consisting of one (1) quart of plain, warm tap water. Do this while lying you your back or left side and run the water in slowly.

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