Areas In The U.S. With The Highest Colon Cancer Rates

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The Washington Post recently posted an article listing the 3 top areas in the U.S. with the highest colon cancer deaths.

Researchers monitored colon cancer death rates around the U.S. for several years and found a large portion of Virginia to be in the higher than average area. The other two areas were the lower Mississippi Delta and Central Appalachia.

What makes these areas so prone to colon cancer deaths?   There could be other underlying factors, but research believe “high poverty, unemployment, obesity rates; low education and health literacy levels, poor access to health care, and lower cancer screening rates” are the primary causes.

Colon Cancer Is Highly Treatable When Caught Early
We already know when caught and treated early, between 80-90% of people are restored to normal health.  The cure rate drops to 50% or less when colon cancer is diagnosed in the later stages.

We  know most people don’t look forward to getting a colonoscopy, but medical advances have made the experience much more tolerable than it used to be.  CRS even developed the Kinder Colonoscopy to make the process even more convenient for patients.

Who Should Have A Colonoscopy?colonoscopy-richmond-va
Colonoscopies are recommended at age 50 for Caucasians and 45 for African Americans. Those with a family history should have one sooner. Your physician may recommend a colonoscopy exam if you have change in bowel habit or bleeding, indicating a possible problem in the colon or rectum.

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