Best Foods To Prevent Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a pain and one of the most common ailments we hear about.  Millions of Americans currently suffer from hemorrhoids and more than half the population will develop them at some point in their life,  usually after age 30.

Over the counter treatments can do a good job of treating symptoms of hemorrhoids, but don’t prevent the condition from recurring.

Preventing Hemorrhoids

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For many people, simple lifestyle changes including exercise and proper diet are enough to keep this annoying ailment at bay.

We suggest patients eat foods with plenty of fiber such as oatmeal, almonds, breads with whole grains, fruits and vegetables and choose lean meats or fish.

Getting plenty of liquid in your diet can also help.   Water is the best choice but other options can include tea and a limited amount of fruit juice.

What Foods Can Make Hemorrhoids Worse?

While there are foods that help, there are plenty that can contribute to more flare-ups as well.  Foods like white bread, muffins, candies and donuts.  Or an excess of fatty meats such as sausage, hot dogs and bacon.

It isn’t the foods themselves that cause hemorrhoids, but the lack of fiber and other vitamins can contribute to constipation which is a leading cause of hemorrhoids.

For some people spicy foods, even healthy ones like peppers, can make hemorrhoids harder to tolerate.  If you’re experiencing a flare-up try stay away from spices including ginger, garlic and hot peppers until the condition dissipates.

For Severe Hemorrhoids

For severe or hemorrhoids or those that recur even when you’re eating the right foods and getting exercise, consider seeking treatment from a doctor or colon specialist.

There are treatments or procedures that can help, and most are easily performed in an outpatient setting with very little discomfort.  If you’re tired of living with painful hemorrhoids contact us for an appointment at one of our three Colon & Rectal Specialists locations.

All CRS physicians are experts at treating colon and rectal conditions including painful and severe hemorrhoids.



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