Can You Take Pain Relievers Before A Colonoscopy?

Wondering if you can take Advil or Tylenol before or after a colonoscopy?  This is actually a very common question.

Doctors recommend patients stop taking Blood Thinners *, and Ibuprofen, including  Advil, 7 days prior to your colonoscopy exam.  However, in most cases, you can take Tylenol® before and after your screening unless there are unusual circumstances.

can you take advil after a colonoscopy
You can take Tylenol before and after a colonoscopy. Avoid ibuprofen (Advil) 7 days prior. Avoid Advil 2 weeks after if you have had any polyps removed.

If your doctor detected and removed polyps removed or performed another surgical procedure during your colonoscopy, you will need to avoid NSAID pain relievers.

NSAID is short for nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and includes drugs such as Advil, Aleve or aspirins as advised by your colon specialist.

If you take blood thinners prescribed by your doctor, contact them and let them know about your colonoscopy screening ahead of time so they can adjust your prescription or talk to your colon specialist ahead of time.

Although it is not typical for patients to experience much pain after a colonoscopy that day or the day after, if polyps were not removed during your colonoscopy, it is generally fine to take ibuprofen products such Advil the next day.

Avoid Laxatives After A Colonoscopy

If you are constipated after the procedure, it is fine to take a stool softener without a laxative.  Note that many stool softeners contain laxative so read the label carefully and make sure you are getting only a stool softener without the laxative.

More Colonoscopy Questions?

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*Blood Thinners include: Persantine®, Coumadin®, Dipyridamole®, Warfarin®, Trental®, Aspirin or other aspirin compounds such as Ecotrin®, BC Powder®, Bufferin®, Ascription®, etc. please let us know because these will have to be stopped 7 days before the exam. Also, if any surgery was done through the colonoscopy, you must remain off aspirin and other aspirin compounds for the 2 weeks after the exam.

If you are taking any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as: Indocin®, Tolectin®, Clinoril®, Motrin®, Advil®, Mediprin®, Aleve® etc. please let us know.