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Stop Using Pads For Bowel Leakage

Are you tired of using pads for accidental bowel leakage but don’t know what else to do?

Bowel leakage, or fecal incontinence, is embarrassing, disruptive to daily life and also very common.  That’s right, even though you may feel alone and not want to discuss it, the truth is millions of people suffer from the same condition.

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Why We Talk About Embarrassing Topics

Topics such bowel leakage aren’t easy for most people to discuss and many people suffer in silence because of embarrassment.  But learning more about bowel leakage, the causes and knowing how common this health issue actually is, can help you feel more comfortable talking to your doctor.

Bowel leakage, or fecal incontinence, affects millions of people.  Nearly 18 million adults in the US, or one in 12, suffers from bowel leakage.

If that many people are experiencing the same issue, chances are you even know someone who has dealt with it – and you can be sure a colon and rectal specialist has treated the same condition many times.

The physicians at CRS don’t want you to be embarrassed to make an appointment to talk about what you are experiencing.  Our practice has been treating patients in Central Virginia for over 100 years and we specialize treating bowel control, hemorrhoids, colonoscopy screenings other health conditions most people prefer not to talk about.

Learn more about accidental bowel leakage below, read more from CRS or contact us to make an appointment. You will be glad you did.

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Embarrassed To Talk To A Doctor About Bowel Leakage?

At CRS we specialize in topics many people don’t like discussing.  From colon polyps to hemorrhoids to bowel leakage – we not only talk about it, but we treat it every day.

In this post we are giving you the top reasons to put your embarrassment aside.  Why?  So you can get your life back.

You Aren’t Alone

Bowel leakage, or fecal incontinence, is a real health issue affecting Nearly 18 million U.S. adults, about onemillions of people.  Nearly 18 million adults in the US, or one in 12, suffers from bowel leakage.

If that many people are experiencing the same issue, chances are you even know someone who has dealt with it.   Chances are even greater your doctor has treated the same conditions many times.

It Is Embarrassing To Talk About Bowel Leakage

For many people this is true and is what keeps them from getting help.  But is talking to a provider at Colon & Rectal Specialists less embarrassing than dealing with sudden accidents, wearing pads for bowel leakage or wondering if anyone notices?

I Don’t Want Surgery For Incontinence

There are many treatments for bowel incontinence, and surgery isn’t usually the first recommendation.

Even simple changes in diet or medications can keep accidents Solesta injectionaway.   Or pelvic floor exercises you can do at home might do the trick.

For those that need more there are non-surgical options including Solesta – a medication that is injected in an outpatient setting.  It takes about 15 minutes and most patients only have a feeling of pressure for a short time.

For other patients InToneMV is an option.  InToneMV is a non-invasive tool used to strengthen the muscles needed to maintain bowel control.  This is done in the privacy of your own home.


The device provides voice-guided exercises and visual biofeedback to help you complete the series of  exercises. Data from each session is recorded and reviewed by your CRS physician during follow-up appointments.

You Can Get Your Life Back

People who suffer from bowel control can become so worried about accidents leave withdraw from social situations, friends or the activities they love.  This strategy does nothing to help the bowel control issue and isn’t healthy.


So, don’t say no to book club, golf, tennis, or even a simple walk around the block.  It is time to get your life back and enjoy life again. Don’t let loss of bowel control win.  Read more about common causes of bowel leakage or to make an appointment.

Our physicians are specialists in the field.  All our offices are comfortable, easily accessible and afford our patients the privacy they need to discuss difficult health issues.

Contact us to make an appointment in our Stony Point, Hanover or West End offices.