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CRS treats a variety of conditions and services including colonoscopy screenings, hemorrhoids, anal and bowel incontinence, irritable bowel syndrome, cancers and more.  We stay on the forefront of medical technology and continually pioneer new treatments in the field to provide the highest quality care for all patients.

For most people, colon and rectal issues aren’t easy to discuss.  But our office atmosphere is compassionate and friendly offering patients privacy and peace of mind so they can relax and focus on their treatment.

Our services include:

Colonoscopy Screenings
Simple colonoscopy screenings are one of the best ways prevent colon cancer.  Colonoscopies detect polyps or other potential issues that can be removed or treated before they progress into colon cancer.

We pioneered the CRS Kinder Colonoscopy to make the process easier.  With more convenient prep, less grogginess and shorter recovery time, the Kinder Colonoscopy means you don’t have to dread this life-saving screening.  We are so committed to providing this service we even offer them on selected Saturdays.

Endoscopy Suites
We offer two state-of-the-art Endoscopy suites where we perform endoscopic and anorectal procedures in a relaxed outpatient setting. Located at Stony Point and Hanover, our suites are owned and operated by our own CRS surgeons.

Patients who have to undergo surgery, or even a simple screening colonoscopy or a sphincterotomy, find that having the procedure in our endoscopy suites means more privacy and convenience.

Read more about our Endoscopy Suites here.

Pelvic Floor Lab
In 2009, CRS added the only pelvic floor lab in Virginia.  This diagnostic tool helps us properly diagnose bowel incontinence and pinpoint why bowel control or loose bowels are an issue. This result a more effective treatment plan for that patient and a better outcome.

Non-Invasive Surgery Options
Currently, we have three surgeons trained the Da Vinci surgical system, and all of our surgeons are experts in laparoscopic surgery.

These non-invasive surgery options can provide patients with shorter hospital stays, less recovery time and less pain.

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