CRS Surgeons Make Richmond Magazine’s 2012 Top Docs List…Again!

top docs 2012 richmond magazineFor the second year in a row, Colon & Rectal Specialists have made Richmond Magazine’s Top Docs list! Congratulations to Dr. Gentry, Dr. O’Donovan, Dr. Smith, and Dr. Timmerman! Receiving care from nationally and locally-recognized providers like the doctors at Colon and Rectal Specialists means you’re ensuring you have the best chances of catching medical issues early and that you get the best treatment available.

top docs 2012Colon and Rectal Specialists offer the ‘kinder colonoscopy,’ too, so going in for regular screenings is as easy and as stress-free as possible. New data confirms that receiving regular screenings reduces mortality associated with colon and rectal cancer, so why not have your colonoscopy done by a Richmond Top Doc? You won’t even leave the office feeling drugged and loopy—you’ll just leave knowing you received what could be a lifesaving procedure.

Schedule an appointment with Colon and Rectal Specialists to schedule your appointment, and you’ll soon see why they are some of Richmond’s Top Docs.