Dr. Charron in Our Health Richmond

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and our goal at CRS is to make sure all patients and their providers are educated about colon cancer and how to prevent it.

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As part of that effort, Dr. Charron recently spoke to Our Health Richmond about colon cancer, how it occurs, and how to detect it early so it can be treated.

Dr. Charron recommends routine screening procedures, like colonoscopies, to find and remove polyps or growths that could lead to cancer later.  But he knows not everyone recognizes the importance of screening, especially those without symptoms or a family history of colon cancer.   For others, they know they should be screened, but are nervous or even embarrassed about the procedure.

To make the procedure easier to manage, and less of an ordeal for patients, CRS developed the Kinder Colonoscopy that includes an easier pill prep and faster recovery without that groggy feeling afterwards.  In the article Dr. Charron explains:

kinder colonoscopy

Read more about the Kinder Colonosopy and the entire interview with Dr. Charron here.   Or contact us to schedule your Kinder Colonoscopy today.