Dr. Gentry and Dr. Charron in Boomer Magazine

Did you catch Dr. Gentry and Dr. Charron in the fall issue of Boomer colonoscopymagazine?  Decked out in their creepiest Halloween costumes they discuss the importance of colonoscopies and why they are nothing to be afraid of.

The article, written by Eddie Edwards, says one of the biggest reasons the thought of a colonoscopy scares people is simply mis-information.

Colonoscopies check the colon lining for areas of concern, or polyps, that can be removed during the procedure and biopsied.  Dr. Charron explains “the simple and non-scary fact is that if polyps are removed before they can become cancerous colon cancer will not happen.”  If left on their own polyps can turn into colon cancer – which is scarier than a colonoscopy if you ask us.

So why are so many people still afraid of colonoscopies?  Dr. Gentry says “in the past colonoscopies were a lot more frightening and uncomfortable than they are today.”  The scary reputation the colonoscopy earned is no longer deserved.  There have been many advancements, the equipment is smaller and more comfortable for patients, and with anesthesia patients don’t feel a thing.  In fact, Dr. Charron notes he often hears patients say if they had known the procedure was so easy they would have done it years ago.

So don’t let a colonoscopy scare you.  Read more about what to expect from you colonoscopy here, or contact us with questions.

Read the full article in the fall issue of Boomer magazine found in medical offices, grocery and retail stores around Richmond.