Dr. Peter Miller on NBC12 Healthwatch

Dr. Miller from Colon and Rectal Specialists was recently featured on NBC12 Neighborhood Health Watch to talk about the importance of colonoscopy screenings.

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side
“One of the best weapons we have to combat the disease is to catch cancer before it becomes cancer, and what we know is that some tissue in the form of polyp are precancerous tissue can turn into a colon cancer over time.  So, by screening, we hope to eradicate cancer before it forms and also when we do screenings and we catch cancer early in the process they can be more treatable and people have a better outcome,” said Dr. Miller during the interview.

See more of Dr. Miller’s interview with Sabrina Squire from NBC12 or read more about Colon & Rectal Specialists.

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