Dr. Vorenberg In The Richmond Times Dispatch

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month dedicated to awareness, education and the importance of  colonoscopy screenings to prevent colon cancer before it starts.

Colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the United States but when caught early it is highly treatable. An estimated 60% of the deaths attributed to colon cancer could be prevented with routine screenings, like colonoscopies. Dr. Vorenberg, and all the physicians at CRS, are dedicated to educating patients, and the community, about the importance of simple screening tests that could save many lives.

This week Dr. Andrew Vorenberg was featured in The Richmond dr andrew vorenberg richmondTimes Dispatch to discuss the rising colon cancer rate for those under 54 years of age.

While most doctors recommend starting colonoscopy screenings at age 50, patients in high risk groups, experiencing certain symptoms or for those with a family history – a colonoscopy may be recommended earlier.

“Anybody that comes into my office who has a concerning symptom like rectal bleeding or change of bowel habits, I recommend a colonoscopy because we’re seeing these cancers presenting in younger patients and age is not the only factor in terms of getting colon cancer,” said Dr. Vorenberg.

In cases where  there is a family history of colon cancer most physicians recommend start screening 10 years before the family member developed colon cancer.

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