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colon and rectal surgery abdominal operationsRichmond, VA, February 2012– William Timmerman, M.D., F.A.C.S., a surgeon at Colon & Rectal Specialists, recently wrote a chapter on Hand-Assisted Resection Rectopexy which will be included in the widely used and highly respected reference series Master Techniques in General Surgery. Dr. Timmerman’s chapter will be featured in the volume called, Colon and Rectal Surgery; Abdominal Operations.

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Hand assisted laparoscopic surgery, a hybrid of open surgery and laparoscopic surgery, can offer patients the advantages of minimally invasive surgery such as shorter hospital stays, decreased analgesic use and a more rapid return of bowel function compared with open surgery.

The chapter will help physicians world-wide determine when to use this procedure, offer pre operative planning as well as what they should expect before, during, and after the surgery. In addition to serving as an illustrated step by step guide for surgeons in both private and academic practice, the text will also be used as a reference for nurses, scrub techs, and other support personnel.

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“The Master Techniques series of surgical reference books is highly regarded  and I consider it a great honor to have been asked to write this section particularly since I am in private practice and not part of an academic institution,” said Dr. Timmerman. Timmerman is included in the book alongside 100 of the world’s top colon and rectal surgeons including those from US, UK, China, Germany, Singapore and Canada. The publication took nearly two years to complete.

A member of Colon & Rectal Specialists for 15 years, William R. Timmerman is certified by The American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery. He currently sees patients from all over the world from as far away as Geneva, Switzerland and Alaska and is one of the few surgeons that treats presacral tumors, a condition that other Colon & Rectal surgeons may only see once every 25 years.

Colon & Rectal Specialists (CRS) is a practice of seven surgeons, all of whom are certified by The American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery. CRS has two accredited endocsopy suites and have introduced the “kinder colonoscopy” — a more patient friendly screening procedure. CRS has four locations in the Richmond VA area.  Visit CRSpecialists.com for more information.

Link to the Book: Colon and Rectal Surgery; Abdominal Operations