Bowel Incontinence: Hope on the Horizon

Bowel incontinence, also referred to as fecal incontinence, is a condition that affects millions of Americans. It comes in several forms, from “uncontrollable” gas to the dreaded fear of “accidents” of liquid or solid stool.

bowel control richmond va
Get treatment for bowel incontinence, and get your life back!

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Dr. Gentry Receives Nomination for Humanitarian Award

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At Colon and Rectal Specialists, every day brings us new challenges and successes. We’re happy to be in a position to help patients by working to improve their health, and we’re also grateful to work as a part of a friendly, passionate team. Every now and then, a story strikes us as being particularly important to share, and this week, it just so happens to have to do with our Colon and Rectal Specialist’s very own Dr. Cary Gentry.

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Local Surgeon Contributes To Major Surgical Textbook


Contact: Sarah Lawton – 804.249-2465

colon and rectal surgery abdominal operationsRichmond, VA, February 2012– William Timmerman, M.D., F.A.C.S., a surgeon at Colon & Rectal Specialists, recently wrote a chapter on Hand-Assisted Resection Rectopexy which will be included in the widely used and highly respected reference series Master Techniques in General Surgery. Dr. Timmerman’s chapter will be featured in the volume called, Colon and Rectal Surgery; Abdominal Operations.

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Super Bowl Sunday: Does it make your DIVERTICULOSIS worse??

diverticulitis and super bowl food

We all love a good Super Bowl party!  It is a great time of the year.  The weather (usually cold), the friends, the big game, and of course…..THE FOOD! Ohhhh the food, and other beverages. It all sounds great, but it could make your GI tract in no mood for a celebrating a touchdown dance! Especially if you suffer from diverticulosis.

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The CRS Colonoscopy is a Kinder Colonoscopy. – Most people dread getting a colonoscopy. There are multiple reasons for this:1Starting with the embarrassment of the part of the body being evaluated, to the fear of the anesthesia being used, and the bowel preparation process.

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Improving the quality of patient care for colonoscopies

Colon and Rectal Specialists presents poster at ACG meeting

Poster from American College of Gastroenterology Society Nov 2011

November 1, 2011

I just returned from the American College of  Gastroenterology Society meeting at the Gaylord National Convention Center in Maryland.   Our practice presented a poster entitled “Split-Dosing Bowel Preparation in Patients Undergoing Deep Sedation With Propofol for Colonoscopy”.

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Andrew Vorenberg, M.D. now board certified for Colon and Rectal Surgery

colon and rectal board certification vorenbergDr. Vorenberg of Colon and Rectal Specialists has recently earned board certification from ABCRS, the American Board of Colon & Rectal Surgery.

How does ABCRS Determine Board Certification?

dr vorenberg, dr vorenburg, certified colon and rectal surgeon
Dr. Vorenberg earns Colon & Rectal Surgery Certification

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