November Saturday Colonoscopy Appointments

It is finally starting to feel like fall in Richmond and the holiday season will be here soon.  This usually means errands and shopping, trips to visit family out of town, holiday gatherings, parties and even end of year deadlines at work.

During this busy time of year it is easy to make others a priority and forget about your own health and well-being.  Skimping on sleep, driving past the gym and putting off important appointments, like a routine colonoscopy,  are more common.

dr cary gentry richmond va
Dr. Gentry, Colon Specialist & Surgeon

At Colon & Rectal Specialists we know it can be hard to schedule appointments when life gets busy.  No matter what time of year. This is why we offer Saturday Colonoscopy Clinics –  to give our patients more convenient scheduling options.

A simple colonoscopy can save your life, so there’s no reason to put it off.  Prep is easier than ever and the procedure itself if relatively painless.

Dr. Gentry has a limited number of appointments available on Saturday,  November 18th in our private  Stony Point endoscopy suite in Richmond.

Call (804) 249-2465 to schedule this potentially life saving test and give your family the best gift of all this holiday season – your health.

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