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Stop Bowel Leakage

Every day millions of women and men suffer from loss of bowel control.

Often this type of accidental leakage goes undiagnosed because patients are embarrassed or don’t think there are effective, non-invasive treatment options that will work.

The doctors at Colon and Rectal Specialists don’t want you to suffer in silence.  We can identify the cause of the condition and develop a treatment plan.  And with new technology like InToneMV treatment is easier than ever.

What Is InToneMV?

fecal incontinence treatment
  • InToneMV is a non-invasive, home-based treatment for women and men with bowel leakage
  • InToneMV combines a customizable probe with muscle stimulation to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor, helping you to maintain continence
  • InToneMV provides voice-guided exercises and visual biofeedback to reinforce proper completion of exercises
  • Data from each home-based session is recorded for review by your CRS physician during follow-up visits to maximize your progress
  • InToneMV is affordable and can stop your bowel leakage for as little as $5.70 per day for 6 months
  • We stand behind the results – Follow the recommended treatment for InToneMV as prescribed by your CRS physician and if there is not improvement  in the diagnosis, InControl Medical will reimburse you for your full out-of-pocket expense for the device

Suffering From Loose Bowels? Get Your Life Back


Don’t wait to call CRS about a bowel leakage.  We can quickly schedule an appointment and

provide a treatment plan so you can get relief – and get back to doing what you love.

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