This Is What 100 Looks Like

It’s not every day that a practice can say they’ve been around for a century but Colon and Rectal Specialists in Richmond VA can!  That’s right, 2013 marks our 100th year as a practice. colonoscopy richmond

A few Colon & Rectal facts you can share at your next cocktail party:

  • Proctology as a specialty started in 1899 and included only the last 10” of the intestines. In 1965, Proctology changed to Colon & Rectal Surgery specialty
  • Our group was started in 1913 by Emmett Terrell, MD, who wrote a paper on rubber banding hemorrhoids which later became a standard treatment
  • There have been 14 doctors in our practice. Bruce Stewart joined in 1977 as our first board certified Colon & Rectal Surgeon
  • In 2009, CRS added the only pelvic floor lab in the state, a diagnostic tool that helps us properly diagnose and more effectively treat bowel incontinence
  • In 2011, Dr. Timmerman published a chapter as part of the Master Techniques in General Surgery Series
  • We have three surgeons trained or currently training on the da Vinci surgical system, and all of our surgeons are experts in laparoscopic surgery
  • CRS is the largest state-of-the-art practice on the Eastern Seaboard
  • It’s because of you that we’re able to celebrate 100 years!  Thank you!

We are proud to say we have become the leaders in the colon and rectal specialty.    We now have three Colon & Rectal Specialty offices in the Richmond area continue to pioneer new treatments in colorectal cancer screenings and treatments, bowel incontinence treatments and more.

Stay tuned for more of our 100 year celebration!

Left to right: Andrew Vorenberg MD, Crawford Smith MD, Cary Gentry MD, Bruce Stewart MD, William Timmerman MD, Paul Charron MD, Sean O’Donovan MD

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