Upcoming Saturday Colonoscopy Appointments – 2022

In an ongoing effort to ensure patients are able to schedule a colonoscopy screening appointment that works with their schedule, CRS is pleased to announce our upcoming Saturday colonoscopy dates.

  • Jul 16, 2022, Dr. Vorenberg in our Lee Davis Endoscopy Suite (Mechanicsville)
  • Oct 15, 2022, Dr. Gentry in our Stony Point Endoscopy Suite

These appointments take place in our comfortable endoscopy suites, which are owned and operated by our physicians.  These suites offer more privacy, comfort, and convenience than appointments in a hospital setting.

Both suites offer easy and convenient parking, shorter wait and surgery times, fewer hassles, and easier check-in and registration.

The atmosphere in our surgery suites is quieter, friendly and compassionate so it is much easier to get comfortable.  And if you want your doctor, they are right down the hall if not 20 feet away.

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