Why We Talk About Embarrassing Topics

Topics such bowel leakage aren’t easy for most people to discuss and many people suffer in silence because of embarrassment.  But learning more about bowel leakage, the causes and knowing how common this health issue actually is, can help you feel more comfortable talking to your doctor.

Bowel leakage, or fecal incontinence, affects millions of people.  Nearly 18 million adults in the US, or one in 12, suffers from bowel leakage.

If that many people are experiencing the same issue, chances are you even know someone who has dealt with it – and you can be sure a colon and rectal specialist has treated the same condition many times.

The physicians at CRS don’t want you to be embarrassed to make an appointment to talk about what you are experiencing.  Our practice has been treating patients in Central Virginia for over 100 years and we specialize treating bowel control, hemorrhoids, colonoscopy screenings other health conditions most people prefer not to talk about.

Learn more about accidental bowel leakage below, read more from CRS or contact us to make an appointment. You will be glad you did.

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