Demystifying Colonoscopy Prep

Benefits of the CRS Kinder Colonoscopy

  • More tolerable colon prep
  • Split dosing, less fasting
  • Better sedation
  • You meet your doctor prior
  • Removal of polyps
  • Convenience & Privacy
  • Fast answers

For most people, the term colonoscopy doesn’t exactly conjure up happy thoughts, especially when it comes to colonoscopy prep, but it really isn’t as bad as most people think.

Prep is important to clean out the colon before the colonoscopy.  Residue in the colon can make it harder for the doctor to view your colon during the exam – meaning a polyp or other issue might not be identified.

There are different types of colon prep, some considered harsher than others.  At Colon and Rectal Specialists we use a more tolerable split-dose pill prep (Osmoprep) for   most patients. This prep is part of our Kinder Colonoscopy that offers patients many benefits including privacy and a more comfort.

Your doctor will give you specifics for your prep, but you can use the guide below as a guide.


If you are over 50, or your doctor has recommended a colonoscopy, don’t wait to make an appointment. Colonoscopies really do save lives – maybe even yours.

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