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Kinder Colonoscopy

Benefits of the CRS Kinder Colonoscopy

  • More tolerable colon prep
  • Split dosing, less fasting
  • Get in sooner
  • Better sedation
  • You meet your doctor prior
  • Removal of polyps
  • Convenience & Privacy
  • Fast answers

We know most people dread getting a colonoscopy.  There are multiple reasons starting with  embarrassment of the part of the body being evaluated, to the fear of the anesthesia being used or the bowel preparation process.

The Physicians at Colon & Rectal Specialists are well aware of these concerns and developed a kinder colonoscopy that is more comfortable.

We do things differently than other practices to make our patients more comfortable including meeting with you before the procedure so you know who is performing your colonoscopy.

CRS Endoscopy Suite

We perform 90% of colonoscopies in our private, accredited endoscopy suite. You can tour the suite before your appointment, meet your doctor, our staff, and see where procedure will be performed. This helps patients feel more comfortable and eases the embarrassment level.

Better Bowel Prep

We know that there are “horror stories” regarding the bowel preparation process.  That is why we individualize the bowel prep based on the medical needs of the patient. Look, we know that no matter how it is packaged, a “ bowel cleansing” is not a “fun” event.

For over 75% of the colonoscopies we perform, we use pill prep  which is more tolerable for mos people.  However, pill prep isn’t for everyone and your doctor will talk to you about your options.

We make our colonoscopies a better patient experience because we want you to come back.

Research reports that more than 50% of colon cancer deaths can be prevented with regular screening combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Colon Cancer typically takes 10 years to manifest – statistically around the age of 60 so most people not in high risk groups need a screening at age 50.

For those in high risk groups, or with a history of colon cancer, your doctor might recommend screening at an earlier age.

What makes a Colonoscopy at Colon & Rectal Specialists A Better Experience?

  • Faster appointments. You can usually get in within a week and get it done
  • You can meet your doctor beforehand.  In some practices you might not meet your doctor for the until the day of the procedure right before you go under.  For many patients, we find they are more comfortable if they are familiar with their doctor prior to the appointment.
  • More tolerable colon prep. We use pill prep for most patients (for those whom it is not contraindicated) and recommend split dosing when appropriate.  Split dosing means less fasting time. We’ve done the clinical trials to prove this works and patients like it better
  • Recovery post procedure is fast. We use a fast acting sedation that wears off quickly afterwards. Patients are under for the actual procedure but come out of it fast with no sick or groggy feeling.  Some practices use medications which may leave many patients feeling loopy and nauseous
  • Removal of polyps –  Removal of polyps during the actual colonoscopy procedure help to prevent the development of cancer.
  • Convenience. Most colonoscopies are performed in our accredited Endoscopy suite located on site at our Stony Point and Hanover locations making the procedure less of a hassle.
  • Fast answers. You get results in about 10 days by letter.

Contact us for more information about the CRS Kinder Colonoscopy or to schedule an appointment.

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