Stop Using Pads For Bowel Leakage

Are you tired of using pads for accidental bowel leakage but don’t know what else to do?

Bowel leakage, or fecal incontinence, is embarrassing, disruptive to daily life and also very common.  That’s right, even though you may feel alone and not want to discuss it, the truth is millions of people suffer from the same condition.

Bowel leakage pads are often the only treatment options people seek CRSRectangleInline300x250because they don’t want anyone to know – not even their doctor.   It is estimated that 40 million women use pads to absorb leakage and the average woman will use at least 1 pad per day.  That’s a lot of money spent on pads that will never be able to provide a solution or treatment for bowel incontinence.

There Is Real Help For Bowel Leakage

There are many treatment options that can help you ditch the pads.  Wouldn’t you rather put the money you spend on pads towards a bowel leakage treatment that will help you get your life back?

It Starts With The Pelvic Floor

What causes bowel leakage?  Weak pelvic floor and sphincter muscles are most likely the cause.  Pelvic floor muscles cannot be strengthened by external workouts, they must be reached and exercised internally.

CRS has treatment options, like InToneMV, that can strengthen those muscles through scientifically-based exercises done in your own home.  A stronger pelvic floor means less leakage so you can get back to work, the gym or just living everyday life without being tied to the bathroom.

Exercise sessions with InToneMV are typically 10 minutes and are guided by voice commands.  Results are recorded on your InTone MV device so your CRS provider can review your progress and make adjustments to your treatment plan if necessary.

There are no side effects with this method of treating fecal incontinence because it is not a drug.  And InTone MV is the least expensive option for effectively treating bowel leakage – not just covering it up.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Bowel Leakage

We know lack of bowel control is embarrassing – but don’t be afraid to call and make an appointment with CRS.  Our providers have dedicated their careers to colon and rectal health.  Every day we help patients with loss of bowel control.  You are not alone.

Get your life back and click to find out more about CRS and fecal incontinence options like InToneMV.

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